About Us



Our Mission, as a  national services organization, is to effectively enhance our customers operating efficiencies by removing, minimizing and managing waste material from their operations. RealPower G.C. will accomplish this objective by utilizing proven methods, experienced and qualified people, and innovative technical solutions to solve complex customer issues in a value added approach

Our vision is clear. We will develop a broad service portfolio capable of meeting our customers' daily, project and turnaround service needs. We will diligently work toward recognizing our vision by continuously seeking additional services, and quality people. We want to be a true business partner to our industrial customers.


How we manage our business

We believe the greatest value to our customers is the increased productivity and profitability achieved from our innovative applications. We approach each job from a business perspective, with a focus on the immediate and a view to the long term. We work closely with our customers to define and understand their needs and expectations, and then implement a tailored solution that meets all defined requirements. We believe successful relationships are based on clear communications and clear understandings of expectations


Safety Health and Environment

Safety, health and environmental stewardship are integral parts of the RealPower G.C operating culture. Our philosophy in each of these areas is to "go beyond compliance". This ensures all of our activities are structured to minimize risk, protect human health, and enhance the environment


What we do

RealPower General Contractors :

Engaged in the business of assisting our customers in optimizing operating efficiencies by removing, minimizing and managing waste from their operations.

A service-oriented company - continuously focused on maintaining, developing, and acquiring those services, technologies and tools necessary to meet our customers changing needs.

Focused on specific market sectors.

Engaged in developing long-term customer relationships.

Proud of the prudent business approach we bring to our customers.

Equipped with tools and utilizes these tools in a manner that creates true economic value to our customers.


Regardless of the type of project, our goals remain the same:

Clearly define the customer expectations.

Clearly understand the project requirements.

Place safety as the number one priority. Develop the most feasible, economical method of execution.

Produce a fair and reasonable profit for Real Power G.C.

Work as a Team with mutual respect among our employees, customers and suppliers.

Build long - term business relationships